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Integrated Pest Control in Pune

Pests are widespread hygiene problems in the home. Pest control in Pune is host to various dangerous diseases that can lead to serious health risks. It is important to get rid of any pests before the situation gets worse! Our scientific approach to pest control has been refined time after time to eliminate hideouts and parent sites and keep the property pest free! We use integrated and scientific methods and chemicals for perfect pest control. Pest Control in Pune Using appropriately labeled chemicals with proven results is our hallmark.

Termites Pest Control in Pune

Termites are known to damage a building and interior furniture. They are growing tremendously every day. Pest Control in Pune a termite queen is known to continuously lay up to 40,000 eggs per day for 2-4 years. Our experts delve deeper into identifying the root causes of termite infestation.

  • Our unique 3-dimensional approach ends with a definite guaranteed outcome:
  • Drilling / filling / sealing.
  • We have defined pre-construction and post-construction treatment options.

Bedbugs Pest in Pune

Bedbugs are annoying pests. They suck up human blood, making the skin irritated and itchy. Pest Control in Pune They crawl on surfaces and cause a very unpleasant feeling. From birth, they feed on human blood and multiply strongly in 10-12 days. Larvae, eggs, nymphs and adults are stages in their life cycle and therefore specific treatment protocols are required Pest Control in Pune. We use the appropriate method depending on the life cycle stage of the bed bug, for example:

  • Use of water-based surface chemicals
  • Oil based chemicals for wood furniture.
  • Remove the eggs with a brush
  • steam application


Beetles are the oldest neopteryx insects. They are found where there is moisture, food and shelter. They are attracted to dirt and debris as a food source and clutter as a hiding place. Pest Control in Pune Our team specializes in cockroach extermination and the methods used to get rid of them are based on proven methods like:

  • Steering.
  • Identification of the type of cockroaches.
  • Determination of methods and chemical products.
  • Application of bait gels as needed.

Pest Control and Extermination

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Rodents live in extreme conditions and are nocturnal. We use the 4-dimensional method to inspect and destroy them as needed.

  •  Chemical spraying
  •  Powder application
  •  Rodent traps

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Moths Pest in Pune

In the house, insects can cause many problems, as they eat corn and often damage clothes, sofas and other furniture. Insect Pest Control in Pune Insects can also cause allergies in children. We use food grade chemicals on wheat to kill insects and prevent reproduction.

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Mosquitoes are known to carry diseases. They can be found on land and can live in any country. A treatment mixed in the cooling system (Water ULV-Cold-fogger system) for a few weeks in all wall areas and all areas of the house Pest Control Services in Pune We have created unique mosquito treatments. Unlike chocolate smoke, the effect lasts for several weeks.


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